Donald Trump Blames President Obama For The Baltimore Riots

Donald Trump believes he may have found the person responsible for the ongoing riots in Baltimore. And it should come as no surprise that the person Trump is blaming is President Barack Obama.

Trump took to Twitter late Monday night to share his thoughts on the Baltimore riots. One of the posts he made pointed the finger at Obama.

That remark from Trump did draw some criticism.Trump's other comments about the Baltimore riots weren't exactly outlandish, but they were more of a plea for something to make the riots stop.Trump is no stranger when it comes to criticizing Obama. Last month, the Inquisitr reported that Trump had plans to make a bid for the White House, saying America is in "serious trouble."
"Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians who are all talk and no action."
Donald Trump has announced previously that he had plans for a presidential run, but he never followed through. That might change this time, since he declined to renew his contract for the NBC reality series, The Apprentice.

While he hasn't officially announced if he's running or not, one reporter for WTVR in Virginia said Donald Trump sounded like he was just about to do so at a fundraiser in Richmond. At the fundraiser, Trump not only called the Obama administration "incompetent," but he also started laying out details on what needed to be done on a variety of topics.

"We have to do something to save our country. [It's] going to hell."
If Donald Trump does run for president, do you think his comments about Obama could harm his campaign?

[Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]