Duchess Kate Due Date Delay Causes Labor Induction Debate Amid Superbug Worries: #RoyalBaby Timeline

Duchess Kate Middleton is past her due date, and it’s causing concern just as the hospital at which she is expected to give birth is experiencing a bug attack. The superbug’s implications for the pregnant Princess Kate comes at a time when doctors are beginning to discuss the possibility of inducing labor for the second child of Duchess Kate and Prince William, reported Celebrity Laundry.

Although Kate’s official due date is not known, she said previously it was between the middle to the end of April. At one point, it was reported to be April 20-25.

Although Duchess Kate planned to give birth in the Lindo wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, eight patients thus far have tested positive for a superbug bacteria. Hospital alternatives include the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

But although the superbug is serious, royal baby preparations are at such a heightened pitch that there’s even a hashtag, #RoyalBaby, reported London 24 on Twitter.

Reports using that hashtag range from beer parties to baby name speculation.

But while #RoyalBaby watchers observe the hospital, one of St. Mary’s Hospital surgical units has remained closed to new patients since eight were infected with the superbug carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae (CPE), according to the Daily Mail.

The bacteria endangers patients because it is resistant to antibiotics and the infections that result from CPE can be fatal. Of the eight patients who were carriers of CPE, three had infections that have been treated.

At this time, the unit in which the superbug was found is being cleaned, with patients checked for CPE. Although people can be carriers without requiring treatment, the bacteria has the potential to enter the urine or blood stream and endanger the patient’s life.

While Duchess Kate and Prince William debate issues such as switching hospitals and inducing labor, the official timeline for what will happen once she experiences those first labor pains is carefully mapped out, as the Inquisitr reported.

That’s because the Palace got slammed for poor press management before and during the birth of Prince George. Hoards of journalists pushed against the baby watchers, all eager to be the first to hear the official word and see Prince William or another member of the royal family.

As a result, after royal baby number two announces it’s ready to be born, Princess Kate will be transported to the hospital. And after the baby is born, Prince Harry will be informed in Australia.

With the baby’s uncle alerted, the Palace will post a social media announcement along with sending a footman to Buckingham Palace to place the official #RoyalBaby Arrival signboard.

[Photo By Chris Jackson/Getty Images]