George Soros Offers Adriana Ferreyr $250,000 To Drop $50 Million Lawsuit

George Soros allegedly promised his now-ex-girlfriend a $1.9 million apartment in New York. When he broke that promise, Adriana Ferreyr filed a $50 million lawsuit against the billionaire. Now, Soros’ lawyers have apparently offered Ferreyr $250,000 to make the whole thing disappear.

According to the Daily Mail, Ferreyr’s lawsuit isn’t strictly about the New York apartment. The Brazilian soap star says that she was emotionally tortured by Soros who gave the apartment to another woman. When Ferreyr decided to make their personal issues a legal matter, Soros decided to make Ferreyr’s lawyer a cash offer.

Ferreyr’s lawyer Mauricio Carneiro said that he was “shocked that George called me to offer me $250,000 in order to get my sympathy, get rid of her lawyers and settle the case.” In an email obtained by the New York Daily News, Carneiro said that he “could not be bought.”

Soros’ lawyer William Zabel admits that he sent the letter offering Carneiro $250,000, but said that the money wasn’t a bribe. Zabel told the NY Daily News:

“George had met him before and he liked him. He had reached out to him because he is a lawyer and a relative and he hoped to settle the case before it went to court. It is in no way a bribe.”

Ferreyr and Soros dated for five years. Ferreyr says that she never received lavish gifts from the billionaire but last year he offered to buy her an apartment in New York. Ferreyr, who says that she was monogamous during their relationship, found a place and Soros agreed to buy it for her. But the next day Soros decided that he was going to give the apartment to 39-year-old Tamiko Bolton, his “travelling nurse.”

Ferreyr said:

“We were in bed, and he just replied coldly and bluntly that he had given (the apartment) to his other girlfriend. I got emotional and cried… He just said, “I don’t care.” I was in bed with him. It was horrifying for me.”

Ferreyr claims that their argument escalated and Soros attacked her. According to the lawsuit:

“Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her.”

The couple reconciled after the incident and Soros allegedly promised Ferreyr another apartment. Ferreyr said:

‘When I saw him again, he was loving. We got back together and started dating again. Then he invited me for tea at his house. He said to me, ‘Go look for an apartment. I owe you an apartment anyway.”

Needless to say, when Ferreyr found another apartment Soros pretended not to know anything about the promise.

Do you think George Soros tried to buy his way out of this problem? Does he owe Ferreyr a $2 million apartment? Is this a story of a gold digger or a man who abuses his power?

A friend of Soros said:

“This is nothing but a woman scorned who is out to get paid. These claims are outrageous and he will seek to dismiss them at the earliest opportunity… George is dealing with this well… this is a man who survived the Holocaust. The suggestion he attacked her is without merit.”

Ferreyr, of course, disagrees:

“George is so powerful he thinks he can get rid of anyone he wants. But I am not going away. I am going to fight.”