Kamala Harris Faces Challenges And Criticism Regarding Senate Campaign

As of late, Attorney General Kamala Harris remains as the front runner in the race for California’s senatorial seat. In a recent article, the Los Angeles Times compared Harris with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The news source described the attorney general as “running virtually unchallenged,” just like the former First Lady who is also on her second attempt at the presidential seat.

Despite such positive statements about Harris, her political visibility is still in need of improvement. Although she is on her second term as an attorney general in the state of California, only a fraction of the voting population is aware of her political presence.

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Clearly, Harris is aware of this situation and has tried to remedy the issue by being actively involved in various fundraisers. She has also invested millions in her campaign. Nonetheless, a poll made in February by the LA Times pointed out that she had made an impression on only 40% of California’s voters.

Last week, Harris made a statement that commemorated the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide. This is a wise move which wins her the favor of the Armenian community in the state of California.

Harris released a statement.

“Today, we honor the memory of the nearly 1.5 million Armenians who were brutally murdered from 1915 to 1923 at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.”

Harris has also been careful in keeping her public image clean and polished. She only makes actions that hold little or no political risks at all. She is likewise keen about unscripted questions. In one instance, the senate candidate was approached by reporters after she made an appearance in Silicon Valley. Instead of addressing the issues raised, Harris hastily walked away saying, “No questions right now. We have to get moving.”

This strategy of the attorney general is questioned by Representative Loretta Sanchez. The said representative is deemed as a potential competition for Harris but Sanchez has yet to decide whether she will run for the senate or not.

In a recent interview, Sanchez said, “As a Californian and as a voter, I’d like to know where she stands on things.” She also asserted that Harris lacks the “federal experience” that a senatorial position requires.

[Image by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images]