Kate Gosselin Had A Scandalous Affair With Married Bodyguard And TLC Covered It Up?

Last year, rumors of a secret affair between Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard, Steve Neild, caught the attention of the media. As the seventh season of Celebrity Apprentice opened, reports circulated claiming that the mother of eight was bunking in the same room with her married employee.

The rumors started when Gosselin’s Celebrity Apprentice co-star, Kenya Moore, came out with the revelation that she spotted Gosselin sharing a hotel room suite with Nield. The reality show mom had been staying at the Trump International Hotel in New York City, which happened to be the filming venue for Celebrity Apprentice.

Recently, Gosselin’s alleged illicit affair is again put to light as the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star is faced with a new report claiming that TLC tried to cover up her scandalous relationship with Neild.

Although the two have long been the subject of nasty rumors, no one has been able to secure concrete evidence confirming their affair. That is until an unidentified paparazzi was able to take snaps of the couple getting intimate in Mexico. Nonetheless, according to an insider, TLC made sure that they got to the evidence even before the media did.

The network quickly denied these claims but the insider asserted that TLC paid off the anonymous photographer. “A paparazzi who followed them took the incriminating photos. And then TLC paid out big bucks to take them off the market!” the source revealed.

If the photos made their way to the public, Gosselin’s reputation would be severely affected. Radar Online seems to think so, as they wrote that “the concrete proof of their illicit relationship would surely have tarnished the reputation of the mother-of-eight.”

However, Gosselin is not giving it away. She has never confirmed the existence of such affair and even expressed that she would love to get back into the dating scene.

“I would love to date. I would love for the kids to have that male role model,” she said.

Gosselin has also been recently questioned for spending her twins’ money on cosmetic surgery. Just before the cover up issue erupted, a U.S. tabloid exposed how the reality show mom suspiciously handles her children’s money. The tabloid wrote that she gets 85 percent of her children’s trust fund. This means that for every $100 in her children’s fund, $85 goes to Gosselin and only $15 goes to the children.

[Image by James Devaney, Getty Images]