Aerial Photographer Captures Crop Circle West Of London [Video]

A crop circle was allegedly captured by an aerial photographer in an open field around 100 miles from west London, the Houston Chronicle reports.

On Monday, MrGyro FPV uploaded a video to YouTube of the crop circle, which is located in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, U.K.

MrGyro did not give much detail about the crop circle, except that it is the second one in the U.K. as of 2015.

“This time in Gloucestershire, a small design in what looks like a field of grass,” the brief description reads.

The crop circle seems to form the shape of the “Flower of Life,” which is a geometrical figure composed of seven or more overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern.

The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions around the world, and examples of the pattern have been found dating back to at least 500 B.C.

crop circle

There are many theories that relate to the creation of crop circles, which are predominantly found in the U.K.

Aside from the few hoaxers caught in the act, most of the reported crop circles have left many baffled. With some believing that the patterns are formed by UFOs, others suggest that they are created by aliens using energy beams from space.

[Image via MrGyro FPV/Chron]