Courtney Love Described As A 'Living Hell' By The Director Of 'Kurt & Courtney'

The director of the 1998 film Kurt and Courtney has decided to speak again about his interactions with Courtney Love, and he doesn't have many nice things to say. In fact, Nick Broomfield said flat out that working with Courtney Love was a "living hell."

Broomfield directed the film that chronicled Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's lives in 1998. The HBO documentary, called Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, will debut again on May 4. His latest film, Tales of the Grim Sleeper, will also debut on HBO. Broomfield's comments come as HuffPost Live made the decision to drag up old feelings by revisiting the film.

Nick Broomfield described Courtney Love as a "living hell" because the film he directed addressing a conspiracy theory about Courtney Love being directly involved in her husband's death. Love even attempted to have the film's release stopped.

The film was released 17 years ago, with the intent to focus on the life and suicide of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love's husband and the lead singer of the band Nirvana. Nick Broomfield also stated that he is glad he is no longer working on the film anymore, due to Courtney Love's antics. Broomfield said about the experience "She tried very hard to stop the film [from] being made, I remember. I mean, this was a long time ago... It was a miserable experience," about Love's attempt to prevent the film from being released.

"I remember MTV [was] involved and they stopped being involved because Courtney persuaded them to pull the funding," he said. Broomfield continued, saying that "the BBC wanted to pull the plug on the film. Sundance accepted the film, and then two days before the festival chucked it out because Courtney had managed to [derail it]."

Broomfield went on the say that Robert Redford, Sundance, the Sundance chairman, and Courtney Love shared the same publicist, so the event was "ghastly," and Broomfield was on the Sundance jury that year.

Broomfield stated that he loved meeting Kurt Cobain's friends, but her resistance to the film moving forward toward a release eventually led to several companies withdrawing their funding from the film. Of course, the documentary eventually received Courtney and Frances Bean Cobain's (Kurt Cobain's daughter) approval. But Broomfield remembers the events that unfolded as "a complete nightmare." He did not believe this film would ever come out at the time because of the resistance Love gave to it.

In other Courtney and Kurt news, the apartment that couple shared for a year has now been listed on Airbnb this week, and can be rented by their fans.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone that Courtney Love was described in such a way?

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