Father And Son Play The Cutest Game Of Russian Roulette Ever With Tiny Pies [Video]

Children’s games can sometimes pose problems for adults. You don’t want to wipe the floor with your children, but you also don’t want to just let them win without putting up a fight. Therefore, strategy games can sometimes get pushed to the wayside for a more straightforward luck-of-the-draw type game. However, if you are looking to move beyond Candy Land and have a ton of laughs in the process, Pie Face may be the game for you. Though it is a game of chance, the result is hilarious as the loser is pied in the face with a tiny whipped cream catapult. Watch this father and son play the game and you won’t be able to hold a straight face after hearing this father’s infectious laugh.

In the video, which has gone viral with over 374,000 views, a father and son sit down to play an innocent game of Pie Face. The game features a silly face cutout that each player must stick their face into when it is their turn. After placing their face in the cutout, the player then spins the wheel. The wheel then indicates how many times that player must “click” the button that releases a small pie catapult. Therefore, if the click releases the catapult hand the player is slammed in the face with a whipped-cream pie.

The game is hilariously intense as each play cringes as they apprehensively click away at the tiny cardboard pie hand. This video is made all the better by the father’s infectious laughter throughout the game. From nervous laughter when his face is secured in the contraption to a hysterical breakdown when he sees his son pied in the face, the video is absolutely hilarious.

It isn’t just this pair that has had a ton of fun with the game. The Amazon reviews for the game indicate that adults and children alike will thoroughly enjoy the game and it seems to have lightened the mood at Christmas for many families, even grandma.

Would you play Pie Face? Who would you like to see pied in the face the most?

[Image courtesy of YouTube]