Darko Milicic Knows How To Party: Chugs Entire Beer, Makes Tattoos Drink, All While Topless

Ex-NBA star Darko Milicic, who was the second overall pick in the 2003 draft, is currently pursuing a kickboxing career. But while on his downtime from training, the Serbian was caught partying to the extreme, which saw him chugging a beer in one fell swoop.

You can check out Milicic’s fine effort with the bottle below, and you’ll almost instantly gain more respect for the athlete because of it.

Milicic looked pretty intoxicated in the clip as he stood alongside a large group of his comrades, each of which were also having a great time.

As his chum was singing in front of him and the crowd, Milicic stood loud and proud and screamed the lyrics to the unknown track, too. Milicic could be seen getting more and more passionate about the song, before he then decided to put a bottle of the beer in his mouth, tipped his head back, and drank the entire booze back in one fell swoop.

And while most of the liquid went into his mouth, some of the beer ended up foaming out and then all over his skin. Milicic was immediately handed another beer, but then rather than consuming it in the usual manner, he instead tried to give his tattoos something to drink.

That’s right — Milicic poured booze over the inked mouths of each of his tattoos, all to the cheers of the gathered masses. The clip, which was originally uploaded by Legenda Krajine, has since been watched by over 190,000, and it clearly proves that Milicic knows how to party.

Darko Milicic was drafted behind LeBron James but ahead of the likes of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony in 2003. However, even though he stood at 7 ft tall and had the reputation as a great 3-point-shooter because he made 15 straight 3-pointers during NBA’s pre-draft training, Milicic’s basketball career ultimately ended in disappointment.

Over a nine-year period he played for the likes of Orlando Magic, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Boston Celtics, and he even won the 2004 NBA Finals with the Detroit Pistons. Milicic ultimately retired in 2012 before embarking on a kickboxing career. However, he lost his first fight to Radovan Radojcin in December, 2014, after being knocked out.