Let's Imagine Kris Jenner Really Did Give Comments To ABC About Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner gave a heartfelt, honest, and sincere interview to Diane Sawyer on Friday night. Jenner has "the soul of a female" and no longer wants to live a lie. During the special, two of Jenner's three ex-wives gave statements in support of Jenner, expressing wishes for peace and happiness on the journey. The third ex-wife, Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, apparently gave no comment.

Shortly after this information was revealed on the program, blogger Perez Hilton called out Kris Jenner on Twitter. She responded in rapid and foul-mouthed fashion, denying she'd been asked to comment and revealing she was watching the program with Bruce.

Kris responded by writing, "f**k you Perez no one asked me to comment....and I'm sitting with Bruce now watching this show so let's keep it real...LOL...."

Hilton later tweeted that Jenner may have been telling the truth.

Eventually, Kris Jenner had her say by tweeting support for Bruce.

This begs the question as to what exactly Kris Jenner would have said if she had indeed offered comment to ABC. Would she have used the phrasing of her tweet and called him her "hero"? Would anyone have believed her? Bruce Jenner's interview was moving not only because of Jenner's unique story, but the sincerity with which it was conveyed.

Only someone who is 65, after a lifetime lived as a father, Olympic athlete, husband, public speaker, pitchman, media personality, and everyday human being, could speak with such wisdom and thoughtfulness. It is a wisdom that comes not just with a lifetime of struggle, but a lifetime of experience. With age comes a depth of contemplation not confined to sound bites or 140-character tweets.

Kris Jenner's words of support -- viewers can assume they would have been supportive -- would have been pure B.S. In the context of Bruce Jenner's soul-bearing and the honest, not always positive, reactions of his older children, Kris Jenner's B.S. would have been a stain on the entire program.

Buzzfeed reported last month that Bruce Jenner's coming out to the Kardashian clan was filmed for the family's reality series and will air as part of this season's finale on May 31. One has to wonder how that will be edited to fit the far less dignified Keeping Up with the Kardashians plotlines. Will Bruce's coming out be a three-minute clip between scenes of Kourtney and Kim comparing their vaginal scents and Scott getting drunk (again) in Las Vegas?

For once, Bruce has dignity. It was upheld by the fact that the Kardashian women, including Kris Jenner, weren't around to skew the narrative. Kris should take note that the story, in this case, is not hers to tell. She no longer holds a monopoly on the Kardashian-Jenner brand, and the entire family may be better for it.

[Image: Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner in Beverly Hills, California, September 2010, courtesy of Getty]