Bullied Boy — Who Attempted Suicide — Wakes From Coma, Friend Saved Him

Bradley Parkes, 16, attempted to kill himself and left a suicide note sadly indicating that taking his own life was easier than the torture he suffered from bullies. A gang in Coventry, West Midlands, had repeatedly tormented him. The teen was robbed at knifepoint more than once, and he was even slashed in the face. He had suffered greatly. His mother was desperate to help him, and stated the following concerning the torments he suffered, according to the Mirror.

“He’s in an induced coma [at Birmingham Children’s Hospital] at the moment and they think he has swelling on the brain. The doctors have said the severity seems medium at the moment, but they’ve said I should prepare for anything from him not waking up to having possible brain damage. It all started in about August last year and Bradley has even been held at knifepoint. One time he was walking from one friend’s house to another and this gang robbed all three of them. They even cut his face with a knife and told him not to tell people. He’s even had his hand broken. Every time they see him they just take everything off him. People know all about this gang and they are arrested for all sorts. I have gone to the police lots of times but it doesn’t do anything. And not many people do go to the police as they are scared. I’m running out of options.”

With no help from the police, Bradley’s mother, Tiffany, was at her wit’s end. There has been so much bullying in the news lately. No one should have to endure bullying. These gangs have hurt many others without repercussions, according to Tiffany.

“They have smashed people’s windows, vandalized people’s homes and even set fire to someone using a deodorant can and a lighter. It left the person with burns on their stomach.”

Doctors had told Tiffany, 35, to prepare for any eventuality. Bradley has two brothers, aged eight- and four-years-old, and sisters, one 12-years-old and one 10-months-old, according to the Coventry Telegraph. Now, with the power of the press behind her, police are going to investigate the gangs who tormented Bradley and allegedly others. Detective Chief Inspector Helen Kirkman, from Coventry Police, said the following, according to the Coventry Telegraph.

“Our thoughts are with the boy, his family and friends at this time following this terrible event. My officers remain in contact with the family as part of the investigation and to support them at this time. We recognize this is an emotive time for the school and the community. We are committed to finding out what may have led up to the boy taking such a sad decision and we continue to investigate offences that may have been committed against him.”

Last night, Bradley began trying to talk to his mother Tiffany, and other family members at his bedside at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. He’s apparently coming out of the coma and even remembers what happened, miraculously, according to the Mirror. Although things are still touch-and-go, his recovery looks promising. According to the Daily Mail, Tiffany released a picture of her son in the hospital.

College student Sophie Wilson, 17, described how she came across Bradley and fought desperately to save him, giving him CPR she had learned. She lived near Bradley and went to primary school with him, but found his lifeless body while out on a walk. She said the following, according to the Mirror.

“I didn’t think, I just had to do [help him]. He wasn’t breathing and his pulse was very weak. I learned CPR at school and I started doing chest compressions and mouth to mouth. He started breathing again but it was more snorting than breathing. I’m in shock and it still hasn’t hit me that this actually happened. It feels like it isn’t real. I would speak to him and ask how he was when I saw him. He’s a really nice lad and I’ve never heard a bad word said about him. I didn’t know he was being bullied. I don’t think he told anyone. It’s out of order and the people doing it shouldn’t be able to get away with it. They’re scum. No one should be bullied. I hope karma comes back to them.”

Tiffany is hopeful that her son will make a full recovery and said the following, as reported in the Mirror.

“He was trying to talk to us yesterday but couldn’t because of the ventilator and they are going to take that out today. We spoke to him through signs and gestures and he was asking who had saved him and had we found his letter. He was happy he was found. There was always the chance that he could get worse and that’s what the doctors were worried about, but all the signs are good that he was trying to talk to us and also that he remembers what happened.”

Will a police investigation be enough? Tiffany thinks it’s too little, too late, as her son lies trying to recover from his horrific ordeal. People are leaving many kind messages on his Facebook page praying and hoping that Bradley makes a full recovery.

One student bullied is one too many. Another student also recently committed suicide because of bullying. Unfortunately, his body wasn’t discovered until it was too late. The death of 14-year-old Raymond Howell, Jr., was ruled a suicide. The McKinney Boyd High School freshman’s body was found near a culvert beside busy Eldorado Parkway in McKinney, Texas. Friends and sources close to the family indicated that he had been bullied by older kids badly enough that he requested a transfer to another school, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

Hopefully, appropriate action will be taken and no more people will be bullied and have their lives ruined. But should anyone be forced to attempt suicide for things to be taken seriously? Shouldn’t the bullies be the ones on the run, not those innocent victims who are bullied? Shouldn’t the bullies face appropriate penalties, including jail time? Please leave your comments below.

[Photo released by Tiffany Parkes]