Camden Yards Protests For Freddie Gray Turn Violent [Video]

As of this writing, a section called Camden Yards in Baltimore is a hot topic on Twitter. That’s because protesters have organized to protest against the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old who died in police custody. Gray was handcuffed but wasn’t buckled when police took him into custody, and that brought speculations that cops gave Freddie what’s called a “rough ride,” and endangered his life. He reportedly received a fatal spine injury.

As a result, there are reports of the protesters moving beyond Camden Yards, says WBAL Radio, which detailed a group of 20 cars that blocked traffic nearby the location where the Baltimore Orioles are playing the Boston Red Sox. A group of 50 police officers are guarding the stadium’s gates. The protest turned violent after existing peacefully for six hours, when in the area of the baseball park, those demonstrating the death came face to face with those attending the baseball game on Saturday evening.

Reports of two people being hurt in the melee have surfaced, along with glass-throwing incidents. The protests began as a “Die-In,” says ABC News, which stopped traffic. It devolved into a day peppered with incidents involving a group that broke restaurant windows and tossed chairs through the glass. The large crowd left City Hall and disbursed into little groups that visited Inner Harbor and Camden Yards.

The protests are a result of Gray’s arrest by police on April 12, with protesters giving a voice to their frustration over untrustworthy attitudes toward police. The crowd swelled to thousands of people who marched in the protest for the African-American Gray. Police car windows were smashed as well, and videos and photos are filling social media about the event.

Malik Shabazz acted as an activist leader in the situation, announcing via his bullhorn for protesters to hold the intersection as drivers honked their horns. Shabazz is president of Black Lawyers for Justice.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the death of Gray has prompted the Baltimore mayor to vow that his death will be further investigated.

[Image via Twitter]