Shocking Photos Of Transgender Woman’s Face Badly Beaten By Police Officers While In Prison

Brazilians are outraged after a transgender woman, Veronica Bolina, 25, of Brazil was taken into custody and badly beaten in the face by officers to the point where she is now unrecognizable, according to Mirror.

Warning: Graphic photos below

Several photos were leaked online that were taken from inside of the prison – it captured the torturous moments Bolina went through while incarcerated.

Bolina – who was incarcerated for attacking and attempting to murder her 73-year-old neighbor – was forced to strip down to her pants, which were partially ripped, revealing her underwear. She was also forced to shave off all of her hair, similar to a man’s low-hair cut style.

In the photo, it appears that she had already been beaten prior to having her clothes stripped and her head shaven. The torture didn’t stop there, though. The leaked photos show the officers laying Bolina on the ground – who was half naked – in an area where she was surrounded by a slew of inmates and several officers.

When authorities questioned the officers, they stated that the transgender woman’s disfigured face was a result of a struggle. One of the officers allegedly caught Bolina masturbating in her cell and was forced to take action.

When an officer tried to restrain her, Bolina allegedly fought back, including biting the officer’s ear, and the officers had to use force to get her under control. They stated that a beating never occurred.

However, the residents of Brazil, especially the LGBT community, feel otherwise. Some individuals went on to create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to spread the word about what happened to Veronica Bolina while in prison.

A fuming supporter, Susane Montalvo Sarabia, responded to the alleged brutal beating and stated as follows.

“It is just sickening that in this day and age such things as this still happen.”

“They have pulverized that poor woman’s face and are now trying to cover it up.”

“Whether she is innocent, guilty, transgender or straight doesn’t matter.”

“The police should not be allowed to do this to anyone.”

Twitter users are deeply saddened by the news of the transgender woman’s beaten and have tweeted the following.

Authorities say they will be investigating the alleged beating that took place in the Brazilian prison.

A spokeswoman reassured those who were concerned about Bolina’s well-being that she is now safe and has been removed from the prison. She was transferred to a detention center where she will have her own cell until the court case begins.

[Image courtesy of AndreasS/Flickr]