Dal Shabet: Why Was K-Pop Group’s New Music Video ‘Joker’ Banned? [Video]

Over the course of five years starting back in 2008, Korean music — especially K-Pop — was a genre that was slowly but surely breaking into the mainstream. Among K-Pop fans, the one moment that gave their music preference recognition in markets outside of South Korea was easily the song “Nobody” by Wonder Girls. So Nyeo Shi Dae (also known as SNSD or by their more recognizable name, Girls’ Generation) would eventually follow up with their song “The Boys.” These days, K-Pop has been delegated to a pigeon hole of niche and preference.

Still, K-Pop music does make major waves in music every now and then, as proven through numerous reports by The Inquisitr. For example, Girls’ Generation is one of the more popular groups known internationally. Therefore, it was news when SM Entertainment released Jessica Jung from them. Later on, the K-Pop community was shocked when Ahn Sojin was found dead from an apparent suicide by jumping off a ten-story building.

However, the aforementioned are news stemming from life and business situations, and not particularly the music. Ergo, recent K-Pop news is unique because it is centered on the comeback track for Dal Shabet titled “Joker.” Apparently, “Joker” has been banned from being aired and though the reason is of a sexual nature, it is probably not of a detail most people would think of.

For those who don’t follow K-Pop (or any Korean groups), it should be noted that there was a pivotal switch in style when the K-Pop group, Miss A, came on the scene. Miss A is known for pouring on sexuality into their music videos, something other K-Pop groups noticed. Eventually, others would follow in trying to one-up each other without crossing any lines. Apparently, Dal Shabet crossed that line in “Joker,” which can be seen in the video attached below. Though it is somewhat suggestive, it is at most PG-13.

Apparently, it isn’t all the dance moves or sexually enticing looks Dal Shabet gives that crosses said line, but two things. According to FHM Philippines, the first is the actual title of “Joker.” When analyzed, the title is pronounced “Joh-Kuh.” In Korean, “Joh” sound similar to a curse word referring to male genitalia. “Kuh” on the other hand means “big.” People get the idea when both words are put together. Secondly, there is a scene that portrays a man and woman’s love affair, according to KPopStarz.

Presently, the details that banned “Joker” from airing have been fixed. Although the situation may be considered bad publicity and a negative against Dal Shabet, it may actually be a saving grace for them. What better way for Dal Shabet to make a comeback than to perform a song that gets attention for pushing past the boundaries of acceptance. “Joker” sure got the attention of many who wanted to know what it was that got it banned in the first place, which in turn, put a lot of attenion on Dal Shabet.

[Image via Dal Shabet Promotions]