‘Fast And Furious 7’ Continues Hot Streak For Fourth Straight Weekend

Even before Paul Walker’s tragic death, most knew that Fast And Furious 7 would make pretty decent money. The high-octane franchise had been on an upward trajectory since it transitioned into a more standard action flick series with its fourth entry, Fast And Furious, which brought back Walker and Vin Diesel as leads of the franchise. Following Walker’s death, it was inevitable that folks would run to theaters out of curiosity, if nothing else. But no one could have predicted Fast And Furious 7 to be the monumental success it has grown to be.

In its opening weekend, the film obliterated the box office, taking in $147 million domestically, breaking all kinds of records, and realigning expectations for the rest of the movie’s run. But things did not stop there. Through positive word of mouth, Furious 7, managed not only to maintain its #1 position at the box office for weeks, but to slowly claw its way to the top of the list of all-time box office performers.

According to the LA Times, Furious 7 is expected to continue its winning streak into its fourth weekend. Despite the release of Blake Lively’s Age Of Adaline, chances are most who plan on seeing an action flick won’t be going to check out the romantic drama. Given that Avengers: Age Of Ultron has been released overseas, and that it’ll hit U.S. theaters within the next week, we can expect profits for Furious 7 to decrease dramatically.

All that aside, Furious 7 has performed more than admirably in its theatrical run. Within the last month, it’s taken the cake as Universal’s most successful film ever (and this is the studio that released the Jurassic Park franchise, for goodness sake), become the sixth highest grossing film ever (it’ll likely hit number 5 before it’s all said and done), and jump-started enthusiasm for a franchise that was already at a fever pitch. Universal has gone on to announce Furious 8, the eighth film in the Fast And Furious franchise, much to the mixed reactions of fans worldwide.

Given that Furious 7 managed to make a touching and fitting tribute to its deceased lead, many felt that it was in poor taste to continue with any more films. Regardless, the studio — along with the main cast — plan to move forward with the next movie in hopes to capitalize on the forward momentum.

Do you think Furious 7‘s run in theaters is almost at an end, or can the film push itself ahead of other movies like The Avengers before it clocks out? Let us know your thoughts below!

[Image Credit: Carhoots]