Eva Mendes Has ‘Always Been The Girl Who Gets Ready In 10 Minutes’

Eva Mendes spoke recently about her beauty routine, and although the golden-skinned beauty is the creative director of Circa Beauty and the new face of Estée Lauder’s New Dimension makeup line, she says she almost always has just five products that she keeps on hand because she doesn’t like taking forever to get ready.

The busy new mom does have quite a bit on her plate, and the fact that she was blessed with near-perfect skin probably helps in her decision to keep it light.

“I think that I’ve always been the girl who wants to get ready in 10 minutes. And unless I’m going to an event, that’s realistic for me. I know what fits. I know what I like. And even down to my makeup I have 5 products that I go to that I wear. And when in doubt I put my hair in a head scarf or some kind of head wrap and I’m out the door. It’s not always great — it’s not something that I’m proud of, I just wish I could take my time more. I’m just kind of very rushed. But I’ve been like this before I was an actress, I just wish I could be a little bit more easy and kind of calm,” she told People recently.

Eva released a statement recently about her new gig, saying she has been an admirer of the brand for many years.

“Since my teenage years, I have always admired Estée Lauder, the woman and the brand. I’m excited to represent New Dimension skincare because I can relate personally to what it stands for — the power we have as women to take control and transform our own beauty.”

Despite her reluctance to spend a lot of time on her makeup and hair routine, Mendes does like to keep her wardrobe looking chic. The 41-year old — who has a child with actor Ryan Gosling — found herself in hot water with fans earlier this year when she slammed sweatpants, saying they were the “number one cause of divorce”.

“Sweatpants, no, no, no, no. No, no, you can’t do sweatpants. Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America is sweatpants. No, you can’t do that,” she told Extra.

Eva Mendes took the criticism with ease, later posting a photo to Instagram that showed her favorite pair of the dreaded pants with the caption, “Dear favorite pair of sweatpants. I was just kidding when I said you’re the #1 cause of divorce. Everyone knows that orange crocs are the #1 cause of divorce. Either way it was a bad joke and feel terrible if you or anyone thought I was serious. Thanks for understanding sweatpants. Sorry orange crocs.”

Photo courtesy Extra/YouTube

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