Killer Sent Photos Of Children’s Dead Bodies To Their Biological Father ‘As A Birthday Gift’

A man killed his partner along with her three small children before turning the gun on himself. However, before he committed suicide, the man sent images of the gruesome attack to the biological father of the young children as a “birthday gift.” The only child that escaped the horrific murder-suicide was the infant that the couple shared together, which was found unharmed.

The Huffington Post Canada reports that Canadian Latasha Gosling was killed by her ex-boyfriend after she called off the relationship. Her ex-boyfriend Steve O’Shaughnessy shared one child with Gosling, but was continuously jealous of Gosling’s husband whom she had been separated from for over two years. A friend of Gosling says that the woman was content with her decision to leave O’Shaughnessy and did not seem stressed out the ordeal. Instead, the friend noted that she was simply trying to decide the best place to live with her four children, three of which she had with her husband and one with O’Shaughnessy.

However, Gosling’s friend says she became concerned after she stopped hearing from Latasha. She says she had no idea of the horrific murder until she saw it on Facebook and was shocked. The police report that the bodies of Gosling, 27, and her three children — Jenika 8, Landen, 7, and Janayah, 4 — were found early Wednesday morning in their mobile home they had shared with O’Shaughnessy. The killer had taken the couple’s six-month-old baby with him to a separate home where he turned the gun on himself and left the baby unharmed.

According to the National Post, before killing himself, O’Shaughnessy sent horrific images of the children’s dead bodies to their biological father via text message. The message was sent “as a birthday gift” according to the text. Tim Funk, Gosling’s cousin, notes that the horrifying text messages arrived just one day before the father’s birthday.

Latasha’s parents say that their daughter was just a few months away from getting her certification to become an addictions counselor. Those in the community note that her family is known for their kind nature and that she grew up in a home that promoted service to others. In fact, Latasha’s family had taken in 72 foster children over 12 years.

Gosling’s family notes that O’Shaughnessy had become jealous of the biological father’s place in the children’s lives. He was upset when the man started visiting the children more frequently and became more controlling of Latasha and the children.

Meanwhile, O’Shaughnessy’s family claims that their son had some mental problems but that he had no history of violence.

A GoFundMe page has been setup for the Gosling family to help cover funeral expenses.

[Image Credit: GoFundMe]