'Wolverine 3' Gets Michael Green As New Writer

The end of Hugh Jackman's run of playing Wolverine is rapidly approaching. After over 15 years of playing the iconic X-Men character, Jackman will reportedly go out with a bang in the new Wolverine movie, tentatively named Wolverine 3.

Wolverine, like X-Men, is a franchise that isn't without its shortcomings. The sub-franchise got off quite the rocky start in 2009 with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not only did it temporarily derail the entirety of the Wolverine franchise, but it snuffed out the possibility of a Deadpool spinoff (at least until the test footage was leaked months ago), and forced 20th Century Fox to completely rethink future X-Men films. The result of this was X-Men: First Class, and X-Men: Days of Future Past, which effectively nullified all the movies that came before them and created a whole new timeline.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men Origins: Wolverine successfully derailed both the X-Men and Wolverine franchises.

Fox's second Wolverine film, The Wolverine, fared a great deal better than its predecessor. Directed by James Mangold, the film did a lot to help maintain the credibility of the franchise, paving the way for Wolverine 3, which is also set to be directed by James Mangold.

In many ways, Wolverine 3 may be one of the more important X-Men films, in that it must do two things: Send off Hugh Jackman in a fitting way and help set the franchise up in a whole new direction (if X-Men: Apocalypse doesn't already do that). In order to pull this off, Fox knows they can't slouch on the story. According to theWrap, Blade Runner 2, and Green Lantern alum Michael Green has been pegged to continue writing for Wolverine 3.

This goes contrary to reports from Deadline around a year ago that the relatively unknown David James Kelly would be handling script duties. It is unclear if Green's involvement in Wolverine 3 would be largely rewrites, or if Kelly never made any real headway with the script to begin with. Regardless, it looks like from this point forward that the script will be in Green's court. But is this a good thing?

Michael Green
Michael Green, the new writer for Wolverine 3.

A lot of fans may be concerned due to Green's involvement in the monumental flop that was Green Lantern back in 2011, but keep in mind he was one of many writers on that film, and at the end of the day, it's hard to tell whose fault a film like that really is. It's also important to note that Michael Green wrote the upcoming Blade Runner 2 script, and while no one has any idea of that movie will be any good, there are reports that Harrison Ford thinks it's the best script he's ever read. If this is true, then we may be in for one heck of a surprise for Wolverine 3.

What do you think of Michael Green taking over writing for Wolverine 3? Let us know below!

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