Substitute Teacher Accused Of Choking, Hitting Eight Children At Missouri Elementary School

A substitute teacher at the Spring Branch Elementary school in Independence, Missouri has been accused of hitting and choking at least eight children under his care. The incident was reported after a 9-year-old boy ran and told another teacher about the abuse.

KMBC reports that eight children were hurt by a substitute teacher who has been accused of not only hitting, but also choking students. Students say that eight school children were pushed, hit, and even choked on Friday in a third-grade classroom at Spring Branch Elementary School. One 9-year-old boy says that the substitute teacher, who has not been named, ran to other teachers for help after he says the teacher hit him and choked him.

According to Fox News, the boy who ran for help was a 9-year-old student who was celebrating his birthday that day. The boy told the news station that the teacher first hit him with a piece of paper and then moved on to his fist. After being hit by the man’s fist, the child says he was then choked until he started crying and was released.

“He hit me with a piece of paper, then with his hand then with his fist. Right after that he choked me.”

The boy’s parents are outraged and say their son was taken to the hospital following the incident.

“It makes me sad, mad, all the above. He’s gonna have to remember his 9th birthday the rest of his life that he was beat at school by the teacher, then I spent the day at the hospital.”

One little girl in the classroom says that the teacher became angry when he was passing out papers and was slamming them down on the desks. She says she did not personally see the teacher hit anyone, but that a friend in the class had a red mark on his back and that the teacher was mad that the classroom was too loud. The mother says that the entire incident is “unsettling,” but that she knows the school principal and teachers will look out for her child. She says that after her daughter mentioned the incident, the school principal called to inform her that the matter had been taken care of.

“It is unsettling, but I’m sure the principal and teachers will talk to the kids on Monday and everything will be OK.”

The school says that the teacher was escorted from the school property but did not make any statements on possible criminal charges.

[Image Credit: KCTV]