Girl Scout Cookies Saved The Lives Of These Two Women Trapped On A Remote Michigan Road

Two women found themselves stranded on a remote road of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after a heavy snowfall. The pair, both in their 50s, survived for two weeks by rationing the eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and a single bag of cheese puffs they had in their vehicle. The women then melted snow to drink until they were rescued.

Michigan Live reports that Lee Wright, 56, and Leslie Roy, 52, got stuck in a deep snow on a remote road in Michigan on April 11. They were rescued on April 24, nearly two weeks after they became trapped in the snowy hell. The women initially stayed warm with heat from their Ford Explorer. However, the pair says the vehicle finally died earlier this week when they were left with nothing but two layers of clothes to keep warm.

The women say that the sustained themselves by rationing eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies and a bag of cheese puffs they had in the vehicle. Both Wright and Roy note that they attempted to call 911 multiple times, but their cell phones would not get service in the remote area of Luce County, Michigan. Police say they are lucky to have found the women and were able to zone in on a particular location thanks to a Facebook message sent by one of the women to a relative inquiring about Tahquamenon Falls.

“Basically there was some mention on a possibility of one of the things they wanted to visit was the Tahquamenon Falls.”

Therefore, police honed in to that location and after two days of helicopter searches, a rescue member spotted a reflection in a wooded area of the snow covered area. The glimmer was the windshield of the ladies’ vehicle. When rescue crews circled around, the women could be seen outside waving their arms. Police note that the women were in good spirits and hugged all the rescuers.

The women note that for the two nights prior to rescue they were visited by a bear and were happy to finally be able to leave the stranded SUV. Police note that the women are lucky to be alive and that the eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies was a life-saver for the women who had nothing else to eat but a bag of cheese puffs. Though the women were weak, the pair were noted to be in surprisingly good health following the two-week long ordeal.

What do you think of the pair that lived off Girl Scout cookies? Will you be using this story as a good excuse to stock up on some “emergency” Girl Scout cookies in your vehicle?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ John Moore]