Can You Survive Two Weeks On Girl Scout Cookies? These Two Sisters Did

Two adult sisters survived two weeks stranded and alone in a remote, snow-covered area of Michigan by eating Girl Scout cookies and cheese puffs.

After surviving on Girl Scout cookies for 13 days, the sisters, 56-year-old Lee Wright and 52-year-old Leslie Roy, were rescued by police helicopter Friday after rescuers spotted light reflecting off the windshield of their SUV, according to MLive.

Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Jeff Marker, who helped rescue the two sisters, told MLive the helicopter had already been searching the area for two and a half hours before they spotted the vehicle.

“It is unbelievably remarkable. They had multiple layers of clothes on and they were rationing their food. When we pulled up, they grabbed their purses and Lee Wright clutched onto her Bible and both women were very happy. It was hugs all around.”

They survived 13 days stranded in the wilderness by eating eight boxes of Girl Scout cookies relatives gave them and a bag of cheese puffs and drinking melted snow. After their rescue, they were reported to be weak but in good condition.

The sisters had been missing for two weeks in a remote area of northern Luce County after their SUV became stuck in the deep snow on April 11 while they were driving down a two-track road.

They were driving down a tree-lined track barely wide enough for a car when they got stuck in deep snow three miles west of Crisp Point Lighthouse on Lake Superior. They thought the road had been plowed, but they were wrong.

The two women stayed with their SUV after it became stuck and tried to call 911 several times, but had no phone service and were forced to eat the Girl Scout cookies to survive.

They say a bear visited their vehicle two nights in a row but didn’t attempt to break in, according to Newser. That’s probably because the only food they had was Girl Scout cookies.

The two out-of-state residents, Wright from Oklahoma and Roy from Nebraska, were last seen by relatives April 10.

Police rescuers centered their search around Tahquamenon Falls after relatives told them the sisters had wanted to visit the area. Wright and Roy had a reservation in Mackinaw City, and they didn’t show up.

The area is so remote that officers had to hike in for 25 minutes after landing the rescue helicopter.

The sisters were lucky to have the Girl Scout cookies to use as emergency rations, as lost and stranded tourists don’t always have a happy ending.

Authorities recommend anyone exploring remote wilderness area to carry food, water, and survival equipment with them. Remember: There may not be cell phone coverage in remote areas.