Chelsea Bruck Michigan Update: Corpse Found Near Where Missing Woman Vanished

An update about a missing woman offered police in Michigan clues into her disappearance last year. Friday, police in Monroe County found the decomposing remains of a body in a wooded area some distance away from where waitress Chelsea Bruck went missing. At this time, there has been no formal confirmation about the corpse’s identity, and family members are still holding out that Chelsea will be found soon, citing a New York Daily News report.

Deputy Chief Heath Velliquette with Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spoke to reporters about the discovery of the mortal remains. Velliquette said human remains were found behind a home while earth was being moved during an undeveloped residential construction project. Reportedly, the property owner who was in the process of building a home made the grisly find when he paused for a moment to “work on excavation equipment” used in the project.

The area, bound by railroad tracks, is west of Briar Hill Road and due south of East Newburg Road. Police say it is approximately 10 miles away from where Michigan resident Chelsea Bruck went missing. Furthermore, the vicinity has been searched extensively since a missing persons report was filed.

Velliquette points out that the area where the decomposing remains were found was marked with signs that read, “Posted: No Trespassing.” However, it is not sure if the property was part of previous searches.

Questions about the condition of the body were not answered. Nonetheless, due to its condition; it could have been in the area and subject to environmental exposure for months, identification will require a higher level of expertise. Accordingly, the sheriff’s office tapped the services of an anthropologist to assist with an ID.

Still, social media posts are asking that people pray for Chelsea Bruck. Meanwhile, the Michigan woman’s family has been working closely with police on any developments.

[Photo by Twitter]