Bruce Jenner’s Full Interview Hits YouTube, Gets 53,000 Views [Video]

The much awaited full interview of Bruce Jenner sitting down with Diane Sawyer has hit YouTube, and that video has gotten more than 53,000 views thus far. The exclusive 20/20 interview video was uploaded on April 25, less than 24 hours after Jenner’s gender identity interview was aired on national television.

The above YouTube video is one hour, 21 minutes, and 53 seconds long. Within the full interview, Bruce talks about not feeling stuck in anyone’s body — but Jenner describes his soul as being female. He described feeling like he has lived a lie his whole life — and the 65-year-old answered tough questions from Diane as she tried to understand Jenner’s gender identity issues.

According to Variety, more than 17 million folks tuned in to watch the interview of Bruce, which makes the sit-down talk the top program for the week in all categories for young adults. This feat hasn’t been achieved since Empire’s season finale, a show that has gained its own controversy this week when false rumors of cancellation surfaced, as reported by the Inquisitr.

It was the last full TV interview that Jenner would do as Bruce — planning to re-emerge as himself, a person Jenner calls “her” and “she,” without naming his female name yet. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian gave her thoughts on Jenner’s transition to the Today show, with plenty of the Kardashian and Jenner family members supporting Bruce’s decision to live what he calls his truth.

In the interview, Bruce confessed to putting on his mother’s dress and his sister’s clothing as a little boy, marking the closets in order to replace the female clothing back in the same spot. Jenner would sneak out of the house in the women’s clothes that made him feel good — without knowing why he did the things he did. Bruce would cover his short hair with a scarf on those jaunts outside dressed as a woman.

Bruce revealed in the interview that his sexual attraction is still towards females and that he always felt heterosexual. The 20/20 interview uncovered the fact that Jenner felt the need to prove his maleness to himself when he trained so hard for the Olympics — and only did a little cross dressing back then. With his bulky arms, he said he looked terrible dressed as a woman back then.

[Image via Daily Star]