Air Canada Flight Diverted Due To ‘Air Rage’ Attack By 87-Year-Old

An Air Canada flight had to be diverted when an elderly woman had to be restrained after attacking, biting, and scratching cabin crew in what appears to be a case of apparent air rage.

Police in Toronto, Canada, said that the flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Toronto was forced to make an emergency landing in Ireland recently after an 87-year-old woman in first class lost her temper and assaulted the flight attendant.

According to another passenger on Flight AC 877, he saw the whole thing transpire. It reportedly took three people, consisting of crew and passengers, to subdue the elderly woman, and the cabin crew then alerted the flight crew.

The elderly woman was then put in restraints until she was removed from the plane by police.

The plane was apparently just over 1,000 kilometers from Shannon at the time of the air rage attack, and the flight crew chose to turn it around. The crew reportedly had to dump aviation fuel over the Atlantic to ensure safe touchdown and at first had a problem with the fuel dumping procedure, which they finally resolved.

On arrival at Shannon airport, emergency services officials were strategically placed to apprehend the 87-year-old woman once the plane was landed and she had disembarked.

After the air rage attack on the cabin crew, the elderly woman was taken off the plane at Shannon airport and was questioned about the incident.

The flight, with more than 200 people on board, eventually landed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport at 11:30 p.m. after being delayed for approximately four hours.

In other strange news, the Inquisitr reported that a police officer in Ohio decided to punish a pet owner for leaving her dog in a hot car by doing the exact same thing to her.

In that case, the officer locked the woman in the hot black car for a few minutes with the windows rolled up so that she could experience exactly what she had put her dog through.

[Image: Air Canada plane in the public domain by Adrian Pingstone]