Serial Shooter May Be On The Loose In Colorado

Police in Larimer County, Colorado, state that a serial shooter may be on the loose after several cars were more than likely shot at over the span of three days this week, including a female who was hit in the neck. All incidents occurred along northern Colorado’s Interstate 25.

ABC News reports that at least four incidents, possibly related and possibly all performed by the same person, have occurred in both Larimer County and Weld County. Police urge all drivers take extreme precaution, especially while driving along the interstate.

The worst of the shootings happened on Wednesday night when a 20-year-old female, driving alone in Larimer County on Interstate 25, was shot in the neck. She immediately called 911.

“I’m on the highway right now and somebody just hit me and I’m bleeding from the neck and I’m scared.”

Earlier that day, another possible shooting occurred that left that rear window of a male driver’s vehicle shattered, as he drove in Larimer County, along the same interstate. On Thursday, another man, driving in nearby Weld County, heard a loud boom as his driver’s side window exploded near his ear.

The two male drivers didn’t report any injuries, and the female driver was taken to a local hospital, where she is expected to survive. However, unlike the female driver, the window explosions in the other vehicles have not yet been directly linked to bullets, although Larimer County police feel that a gun was behind all three incidents.

Larimer County police also think that the targets were chosen in a random fashion, and that an incident earlier in the week may be related. On Tuesday morning, the right passenger side window of a police van was shattered as deputies transported several inmates from one jail to another.

A similar situation occurred in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas earlier this year, when a serial shooter shot at five different people over the span of a week, killing one person. Although there is no indication that the Texas shootings are related to the Colorado incidents, Scott A. Bonn, professor of sociology and criminology at New Jersey’s Drew University, states that unless these types of people are apprehended, they will continue to shoot.

“An individual like this typically won’t stop until they are apprehended or killed. This individual is angry and likely has a vendetta against someone or some organization.”

Unlike the Colorado incidents, however, the alleged Texas shooter either emerged from his car and shot at someone, or began shooting at unsuspecting victims as he drove by in his vehicle. He’s described as a black male with light skin and a stocky build, and appears to be in his 30s. He drove a dark-colored Jeep Cherokee, possibly a 1999-2006 model.


There are currently no suspects and no leads in the Colorado serial shooter incidents. Any suspicious behavior should be reported to 911 immediately.

[Photos Courtesy of ABC News & the Houston Police Department]