Kim Pappas Stuffed Baby Into Plastic Bag After Giving Birth At Work

A Michigan woman has been charged with premeditated murder after police say she concealed her pregnancy before murdering her newborn infant in cold blood. Kim Pappas reportedly gave birth to the full-term baby boy in the bathroom of her place of employment -- Ceva Logistics in Wyandotte.

The Daily Mail reports that the woman didn't tell anybody that she was pregnant, nor did she alert any of her co-workers to the fact that she had gone into labor. Instead, she quietly went to a bathroom and secretly pushed out the newborn while standing over a toilet. The details in this case get far more gruesome after that.

When Kim Pappas reportedly gave birth in the bathroom of her place of employment, she reportedly used cuticle scissors from her purse to cut the baby's umbilical cord, before stuffing the child in the bag to conceal him. She left the bathroom covered in blood.

MLive reports that co-workers did hear moaning coming from the bathroom when the 25-year-old woman was in there giving birth to the child. When she was back at her desk at least one of the coworkers found blood on the bathroom floor, which alerted them to confront Pappas, who had blood on her clothing. The co-workers reportedly called emergency services, who jumped into action. Every employee at the facility was questioned until authorities made their way to Kim, who was clearly recovering after she had just given birth in the bathroom. After brief questioning, authorities searched the woman's desk and found the newborn baby boy's lifeless body. He was still in the plastic bag where she had put him after giving birth.

Kim Pappas claims that she suffered a miscarriage in the bathroom, claiming that her unnamed infant child was born deceased. However, an autopsy has revealed that the infant died by suffocation -- meaning that the woman had placed her living, breathing baby into the plastic bag before sealing it. The child presumably died while suffocating inside of the plastic bag. Authorities believe that the baby had been sealed inside of the plastic bag for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Aside from the charge of premeditated murder, Pappas faces charges of first degree child abuse and felony murder. She is currently in jail and is being denied bond while more information is obtained by investigators. It is not known at this time if she will face any other charges.

[Photo: Redford Township Police mugshot]