Straight Teen Asks Gay Friend To Prom: Jacob Lescenski Explains Motivation For His Viral Promposal

Straight teen Jacob Lescenski just created one of the most memorable promposals of all time, asking his gay friend to the prom in a gesture that has gotten a nationwide response.

The Las Vegas teen decided to ask his best friend, Anthony Martinez, to be his date for the prom. Jacob said that he considers Anthony “a brother,” and decided to take action when he saw his gay friend struggling to find a date.

It worked out perfectly, as Jacob’s first idea for a date to the prom fell through.

“I decided on going to prom alone because my original date idea didn’t work out so well,” Jacob told Now Now Next. “Then one night I saw Anthony, who is my best friend, tweeting about wanting a date.”

But Jacob didn’t want to simply ask his friend, so the straight teen decided to ask his gay friend to the prom in a very creative way.

“So, I came up with the poster idea, asked my friend Mia to make it and asked him that next day,” he recounts. “No one knew about it except for me, my friend Jamie, and Mia, who made the poster. It was a giant surprise to everyone, especially Anthony!”

So Jacob ended up unveiling a banner that read, “You’re hella gay, i’m hella str8, but you’re like my brother, so be my d8?”

When the gay teen posted on Twitter a picture of the promposal from his straight friend, it quickly went viral. The picture was shared thousands of times and was among the top links on Reddit.

It was a special moment for Anthony, who said he often helps organize school dances but has a hard time finding a guy to go with him.

“Being gay, and knowing I’m too busy for guys, no gay guy would ask me to a dance, let alone prom,” he said. “So like any teen I complained about it on Twitter.”

Anthony later shared his enthusiasm online, thanking his best friend for helping make his prom dreams come true.

“He’s my best friend, and a real man given the fact he has the guts to fulfill my gay student council dream of always helping out planning dances, and never getting asked. I couldn’t ask for a better person in my life,” the teen wrote on Tumblr.

The story of the straight teen asking his gay friend to prom isn’t over yet. Jacob Lescenski and Anthony Martinez have just about a week to prepare for the prom, which will be held May 2.

[Image via Twitter]