Father Daughter Dance Fail: Girl Goes A Little Too Far [Video]

The father daughter dance.

In most cases (when done correctly) a father daughter dance can turn out beautifully — creating a memory that will be cherished by the father, the daughter, and anyone that had a chance to see it forever.

Think about the father-daughter dances that are commonly done beautifully at wedding receptions. In recent years, there have been quite a few online videos that have gone viral because of adorable, choreographed father-daughter dance routines.

The father daughter dance that was captured in this video footage, however, could very well be classified in a category all by itself.

As seen in the video, the dance starts off nicely with a simple choreographed dance routine that was performed successfully by the father and daughter featured in the clip.

The part of the video when the father daughter dance turned into an epic failure happens when the daughter begins her own freestyle solo.

Since this father-daughter dance video was posted on World Star Hip-Hop Friday, it has already been seen over 380,000 times.

[Image Credit: World Star Hip Hop]