Why Does Lionel Messi Keep Vomiting?

Despite being the best soccer player in the world at the moment/arguably ever, Lionel Messi has a problem; he can’t stop vomiting.

The Barcelona and Argentina wunderkind has had this issue throughout his career. In fact he’s been spotted vomiting on the pitch and on the sidelines a number of times. However, despite this issue, this hasn’t stopped Messi from eclipsing every opponent that comes in his way.

But it’s something that obviously still bothers Messi, because earlier this week the forward make the trek from his home in Catalunia to the Italian town of Sacile to receive help from Giuliano Poser, a renowned sports physician.

This was the third visit that the 27-year-old has made the trek to see Poser in an attempt to cure his vomiting issue. Messi is believed to have made this excursion after being recommended Poser by Martin Demichelis, his Argentinian teammate who currently plays for Manchester City.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Poser confirmed:

“Lionel came here for other treatment too, but for professional reasons I cannot say what they were.”

Poser also talked about his credentials, adding:

“I’ve been working with sportsmen for 20 years, even from other sports such as cycling and downhill skiing. Messi came here thanks to word of mouth among footballers and agents.”

Poser admitted that the diminutive forward had been recommended his services by Argentina manager, Gerardo Martino.

“I’ve got a great relationship with the national team coach, Martino. That shows that the fact Messi is here is to do with my links with Argentinian football.”

Sport-English have reported that Poser has been in control of Messi’s diet since the start of the season, and Messi decided to make the trip to Italy as he had been given a day-off by Barcelona manager, Luis Enrique.

Messi suffered excessively from on-field nausea last season, and the reason for this is believed to be his diet and the food that he consumes.

[Image via Sun News Online]