Cristiano Ronaldo MLS Los Angeles Transfer Lined Up When Real Madrid Contract Ends?

Has Cristiano Ronaldo already picked out which MLS side he wants to move to? According to reports: yes. The team that he’s decided he wants to join at the end of his Real Madrid contract is allegedly the Los Angles Galaxy.

Ronaldo, who recently picked up the Ballon d’Or for the second consecutive year after previously being awarded the accolade in 2008, has targeted a move to Los Angeles for the 2018 season, according to Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated.

Wahl previously suggested that Ronaldo was inclined to a move across the Atlantic back in March. However, at this point, it was believed that he was deciding between a transfer to Los Angeles, New York, or Miami.

However, Wahl has now insisted that Ronaldo has made up his mind, writing, “Ronaldo has decided the city where he wants to be: Los Angeles.”

While you would assume that Ronaldo is now on the precipice of moving to the Los Angeles Galaxy, you might be wrong. That’s because a brand new team is due to ply their trade in the City of Angels in the near future, which means that Ronaldo will have two teams to negotiate with.

Wahl writes, “It could be the Galaxy or LAFC, and while talks have yet to take place between Ronaldo and any MLS teams, L.A. is Ronaldo’s preferred destination. Meanwhile, I’m told it’s looking more likely every day that LAFC won’t start play until 2018. That means we could see Ronaldo debut for a new team in a new stadium that year.”

If Cristiano Ronaldo did decide to move to the MLS, it wouldn’t matter if it was with a Los Angeles, New York, or Miami-based side, it would still be a huge coup for the league.

Over the last few years, an array of soccer icons have made the trek west to play stateside. David Beckham, the most famous name in soccer, kick started this trend by joining LA Galaxy in 2007. However, he has since been followed by the likes of Robbie Keane, David Villa, Kaka, and now Steven Gerrard, who will join the Galaxy in the summer. New York City FC’s Frank Lampard has continued this trend.

But Ronaldo would be by far the biggest name of all of these players, as he has not only excelled while playing for both Manchester United and Real Madrid, he has done so to such an extent that he’s roundly regarded as one of the best soccer players in the world at the moment, alongside Lionel Messi.

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