WWE ‘Extreme Rules’ Matches And Predictions: Will Daniel Bryan Wrestle? Who Will Escape The Cage As WWE Champ?

WWE presents Extreme Rules this Sunday, and there are eight big matches on the card. A number of titles are on the line, and there is a steel cage, Daniel Bryan’s health, a Russian chain, and even a Chicago street fight to enjoy and wonder about. Let’s check out some predictions to see what may end up happening on Sunday evening.

WWE Extreme Rules WWE Title

Seth Rollins has everything stacked against him here, with Kane guarding the gate (they haven’t been best friends lately) and the steel cage keeping out J&J Security — which obviously means he will retain the title. WWE isn’t taking the belt off of him after just having him cash in a month ago.

It won’t be a clean victory, but he’ll escape the cage somehow while Randy Orton gets screwed over.

Winner and Still Champ: Seth Rollins

WWE Extreme Rules US Title

John Cena doesn’t need a belt to keep his status, and two losses in a row for “The Bull” would really hurt Rusev. Throwing in the Russian Chain means that this wouldn’t even be a bad loss for Cena. Expect this one to be pretty violent and have the U.S. Title return to Rusev so he can actually move on to a new feud.

Winner and New Champ: Rusev

wwe extreme rules street fight

So many people are looking forward to this one because it will be two guys beating the absolute hell out of one another. It is odd though, as it almost seems like Luke Harper has gotten more mic time than Dean Ambrose. Still, this one has been set up just fine.

It’d be good to see both of these guys back in the Intercontinental Title picture or even move Ambrose up to feud with Rollins. Either way, it’s going to be a Chicago Street Fight that will see them destroy each other.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE Extreme Rules IC Title

Not that it’s time for Daniel Bryan to drop the title, but he’s been out of action for two weeks and needs at least two or three more to heal up. If he doesn’t end being stripped of it, expect some kind of shenanigans or very quick match.

Once Bryan heals up, he will come back to get the title around his waist again. Still, many have to wonder how much more his body can take.

Winner and New Champ: Bad News Barrett

wwe extreme rules kiss me arse

Sheamus has made a huge return with a new look and the heel persona, so he isn’t losing this match. It’s just unfortunate that Dolph Ziggler will be fed to the wolves as his de-push continues in of all things — a “Kiss Me Arse” Match.

Winner: Sheamus

wwe extreme rules last man standing

Roman Reigns has gone nowhere and done virtually nothing since main-eventing WrestleMania 31. Now, Big Show is being fed to him to help build him back up, and hopefully this will be the end of this feud. It would be interesting to see where Reigns goes from here.

A feud with Bray Wyatt, perhaps?

Winner: Roman Reigns

wwe extreme rules divas title NEW

In a week, Paige was written off, Naomi turned heel, and Nikki Bella turned face. Nikki has held the title for a while now, and Naomi can take over for a potential feud with Paige upon her return.

With the departure of AJ Lee, it is clearly time to call Charlotte up to the main roster.

Winner and New Champ: Naomi

wwe extreme rules tag titles

The New Day has accepted their role as heels now, and it’s actually made them much more accepted by the fans. Still, WWE isn’t going to take the titles off of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd just yet as they prepare for a feud with the Lucha Dragons. Besides, a loss by New Day would really cement their heel turn.

Winners and Still Champs: Brass Ring Club

Extreme Rules is right there in the mix of things after a huge Pay-Per-View and paving the way for the start of the summer. There are some good matches on the card, but there are also many rematches, and it’s just time to get past it all. Still, this should be a good show, and it will be interesting to see which predictions come true.

[Images via WWE]