Kathryn Calhoun Turns To Craig When Thomas Works: ‘I Suppose Our Friendship Transpired’

Kathryn Calhoun was not a cast member favorite last season on Southern Charm, as many people saw her as an opportunist. Calhoun slept with half the cast, and she ended up becoming pregnant with Thomas Ravenel’s first child. Many of the cast members felt that she was using him, but she clearly loves her first daughter.

Southern Charm star Kathryn Calhoun may not have gotten along with some of her co-stars last season, but it sounds like they are finally giving her a chance. Kathryn has become friends with Cameran Eubanks, and she recently started hanging out with Craig Conover. This has been a huge surprise.

According to a new Bravo report, Kathryn Calhoun is now revealing that life is so much better after they moved to downtown Charleston to be closer to their friends. Kathryn often felt alone when they were living outside of the city because she couldn’t see people as easily. But after moving to the city, Calhoun was often left alone due to Thomas’ work on his political campaign.

“Thomas spent several nights away during the campaign but for various reasons. It was definitely difficult to be alone during such a stormy time, but Kensie kept me busy…and happy,” Kathryn explains about Thomas’ time away.

Thomas Ravenel would go away and spend the nights at hotel rooms to work on his campaign. As shown this week on Southern Charm, Kathryn Calhoun would simply call her mother to babysit Kensington so she could go out with friends. Shockingly, Craig is one of those people.

“Craig and I were definitely not each other’s biggest fans last year, but since the move downtown, we’ve grown to become close friends. We’re living very close, and we’re very close in age, so I suppose our friendship transpired more naturally than anything,” Kathryn Calhoun explains about her growing friendship with Craig.

In a preview for this season, Kathryn Calhoun and Craig may have spent some time together on a beach, where Thomas Ravenel was not present. It does hint that cheating may have occurred. There have been cheating accusations happening online, as Thomas has accused Calhoun of cheating on him, according to the Inquisitr. But in return, Calhoun has accused Thomas of stepping out on her as well. The age difference has been a big issue for the couple, so it makes sense that Kathryn wants to hang out with the much younger Conover.

Do you think Kathryn Calhoun should be with Craig?

[Image via Bravo]