Justin Bieber Finally Reveals New Haircut In A Selfie, Fans’ Reactions Split

Justin Bieber’s new haircut has been unveiled. It only took three days, but who’s counting?

After the Biebs was photographed holding a cover over his newly-cut hair while leaving the Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood on Tuesday, the 21-year-old star finally shared a selfie on Friday.

Before yesterday’s big reveal, Justin’s hairstylist, Florido, and the salon teased Instagrams suggesting a lot of the singer’s hair had been removed. And they weren’t wrong.

In the pic, (which looks like it was taken in a car), Justin is seen with shaved sides. The top of his hair is long and swept back.

It’s a cooler, way more relaxed take on the high-maintenance, bouffant style the Canadian rocked at Kanye West’s debut fashion presentation and his Comedy Central Roast.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber posted a selfie revealing his new haircut on Friday, April 24)

The cut is a fresh start for Justin after bleaching his hair blonde in December and evidently damaging it. Notably, he posted the selfie to his Shots account rather than Instagram. This may be because one of the features of Shots is its lack of comments capability to prevent cyber-bullying by users on others’ posts.

Back in January, the singer told fans (via an Instagram pic caption) that he felt “insecure” about his hair while he was growing it out. The admission followed snark from fans.

Online chatter reveals Beliebers have different views on the heartthrob’s new look. Tweets from fans slamming those criticizing his haircut shows the reaction is split. C’est la vie.

how do some of you even consider yourselves fans when all you do is put justin down… nothing he ever does is good enough for some of you.

— danielle (@ofjustindrew) April 25, 2015

@xoxoaida they're now tweeting him telling him to "put his hat back on" when are they gonna make up their minds.

— danielle (@ofjustindrew) April 25, 2015

Later Friday, Justin attended pal Lil Za’s first amateur boxing match at Valley College in Los Angeles. The singer was accompanied by model Hailey Baldwin, Shots co-founders Sam and John Shahidi, Ryan Good, Kyle Massey, and other friends.

Rather sweetly, the group made posters adorned with messages of support for Lil Za, who went on to win his bout.

A video and social media posts of Justin and co. shared by onlookers can be seen below.

Waddup boy, watcha looking at? @justinbieber pic.twitter.com/9JnH6eAzAq

— Maryjane (@mary_jaaaaane) April 25, 2015

After the fight, the group were spotted hanging out at a local Dave & Buster’s. As is his wont, Justin kept his baseball cap on. So, for now, his much-anticipated selfie is still the clearest look at his locks.

[Images via Twitter/Shots/Instagram]