Grandfather Troy Gibbs Pulls Gun At Softball Game When Granddaughter Doesn’t Get To Play

Grandfather Troy Gibbs is under fire tonight after losing his temper at a softball game and pulling a gun that he pointed at spectators and children because of an argument that broke out over his granddaughter’s playing time.

The Chandler, Oklahoma, man caused individuals at the game to dial 9-1-1. When he realized the extent of trouble he was in, he left the facility but police later caught up with him and charged him with pointing a firearm and disturbing the peace.

They also said more charges could be forthcoming, KOCO notes.

Troy Gibbs, 45, started fighting with his granddaughter’s coach after becoming agitated by the little girl sitting on the bench. At one point, he left the field and went out to the parking lot. When he came back, he pointed the gun at the coach’s face and then began pointing it at some of the children in the parking lot.

“We have our few arguments, disagreements, here and there at these games that we respond to, but we’ve never had nothing of this magnitude,” said Chandler Police Chief Matthew Mattheyer. “

“Davenport and Chandler have always had a little thing about rivals, but our girls after the game did the walk-through, clapped their hands, good game. I think the next morning is when it really hit that, you know, the things that could have happened,” Chandler Softball Association president Kari Hulsey said in comments to the news site.

Gibbs later apologized to police for his actions, but at this point, they affirmed, the damage has already been done.

“This is not behavior that’s acceptable to any of us — Davenport, or Chandler, or any of the softball leagues in Lincoln County,” Hulsey said. “This is far, far away from what we teach our girls.”

While stories of angry dads and family members go hand-in-hand with little league, most commenters felt this went well beyond typical behavior.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it! jail time for this hater,” wrote one commenter. “Why didn’t he get beat up or shot?” wrote another. “Way to set the example for your grand children. Just pathetic!”

Some made a point of tying the man’s behavior to the gun control issue.

“And you gun nuts wonder why we want more control on who can carry?”

What do you think of the actions of Troy Gibbs? Should this grandfather do serious jail time for his behaviors? What is a fitting punishment? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via KOCO, linked above]