Octopus Chases After Crab: Will The Crab Get Away Or Become Dinner?

Octopuses are known for their intelligence and enjoying the sweet, briny taste of crabs. At Rosebay Wharf in Sydney, Australia, another octopus was just trying to catch a snack when Bettina Turnbull happened upon the scene. Of course, she had to film it so the internet could see the awesomeness.

The video has made its way around the internet, find a place on reddit’s Hot page with thousands of upvotes. Many users rooted on the underdog — the crab — in hopes that he could swim away to freedom.

Unfortunately for the crab, that was not the outcome. The octopus chases the little guy around for about thirty seconds before catching him in one extended tendril. The suckers of the octopus latch on quickly, and the crab is sucked into the squirming vortex of eight octopus arms.

The octopus then sinks down to the bottom to enjoy his dinner, and probably rejoice in a well fought battle. The video has also surfaced on Imgur, with the tag “Resistance is futile.” In this case, that is the sad truth for the crab.

Though there are some internet users getting a laugh out of another creature’s misfortune.

Octopuses, or octopi (yes, both are correct, as is octopodes), are highly intelligent beings each having their own unique personality. According to Huffington Post, they play with toys, open child-proof bottles, and can even remember or recognize different humans.

Many would deem octopuses creepy or even alien-like due to their strange body shapes. However, their arms, complete with rows of suckers, make them extraordinary hunters in the oceans. The video showcases how well the octopus is able to maneuver its boneless body through the water. The crab, ultimately, had no chance of getting away.

All animals need to eat. Once in a while, we humans come upon nature happening and it grasps a hold of us like a hungry octopus. Chasing a crab around in circles is happening everyday, all around the world and for one, brief moment, we could see what it was like to be an octopus, or a crab for that matter. Rejoice in nature and let it be.

The crab may have been the victim in the case, but once in a while, the octopus will lose the battle.

Were you rooting for the crab in the viral video? Or did you hope the octopus would win and have a tasty meal?

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]