Paralyzed Patient Walks: 17-Year-Old Walks To Nurse After Paralysis, Surprises Her [Video]

A paralyzed patient walks toward her favorite nurse in an effort to surprise her, and it totally worked!

According to AOL, a Texas teen named Bailey Murrill, 17, became inexplicably paralyzed and had been in the care of medical staff at a local facility for 11 days. On that eleventh day, Murrill regained feeling in her legs, and her feet, and was able to stand up and walk around. While overcome with so much relief, the teen really wanted to do something special to surprise one of her nurses that she had formed a bond with. So, she didn’t tell her that she could walk again… she showed her.

Bailey’s mom, Becky, took a video of the special moment.

According to the New York Daily News, Murrill was rough housing with her dad when she fell, and “landed awkwardly” on her back. She soon realized that she couldn’t feel the lower half of her body. She was taken to the hospital, and began physical therapy, but doctors weren’t sure what was wrong, or if Murrill would ever be able to walk again. She says that she turned to God after her injury, and her nurse said that she had been praying too.

When the paralyzed patient walks to her nurse in the hallway, there was a lot of screaming as the nurse was clearly overjoyed, and so emotional. She took Bailey in her arms, and the two embraced and cried together for several seconds. It appeared as though everyone around the two women was crying too!

“She had brought me so much joy at a time I needed it that I decided to bring her some,” said Bailey.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, over 3.8 million people have viewed the video online.

Bailey was released from the hospital on April 14. Doctors still aren’t exactly sure what caused her paralysis.

[Photo via YouTube]