MH370 Wreckage Spotted Between India And Malaysia, New Government Hacking Theory Emerges

Flight MH370 wreckage has allegedly been spotted in the ocean between India and Malaysia by an aviation expert who is now seeking $2 million to recover the debris.

Andre Milne, whose career has been in military aviation technology, believes that he’s found the missing MH370 plane in the Bay of Bengal. Milne is voluntarily looking for the aircraft, and he is now looking to raise $2million via a crowd-funding page in order to begin his search officially.

“This area is not being searched. I need your help in order to verify one way or another whether this is in fact MH370. This disappearance of this aircraft has touched every single person who has heard about it. It touches us all differently,” Milne explains on his page, via the Mirror.

Milne continued, “It touches me at a level that this could be a crime against humanity by the forced disappearance of the people on board this aircraft. If you want to see whether or not this aircraft is in this site please participate in the crowd-sourcing venture.”

Flight MH370 was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it went missing on March 8, 2014. All 239 passengers and crew on board are assumed dead. Theories surrounding the plane’s mysterious disappearance have involved alien abduction and a Russian hijacking while experts have focused their investigation to the ocean just off the coast of Perth Australia. However their efforts searching this area have yet to return any solid evidence.

Meanwhile the latest theory to have emerged regarding the plane’s disappearance revolves around the fact that the Malaysia government was hacked on the night that the plane disappeared.

The Express has reported that an “extremely active” group of cyber terrorists that call themselves Naikon hacked into the Malaysian government as officials scrambled to figure out where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had disappeared to.

This group is believed to have tried to infect government computers, while it’s even been alleged that they tried to obtain information that related to the search for the missing plane.

Kaspersky Lab software security group’s Costin Raiu has now explained, “There is a cyber-criminal group [that is] extremely active in the Asia-Pacific region. Following the disappearance of MH370, we noticed a spike in the attack by Naikon. Its purpose was to get intelligence from the countries which were involved in the search.”

It’s not known how successful they were with their hacking exploits.

[Image via Stuff]