‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Emma And Regina Face Challenges When They Team Up

Once Upon A Time will see Emma and Regina join forces on this Sunday’s episode, but their journey to New York will not be an easy one at all.

Spoiler TV shared some cryptic script teasers from Adam Horowitz’s, and the first Once Upon A Time sneak peek released by ABC was shared by the site today.

In the sneak peek, Emma and Regina are talking. Emma realizes that she knows Maleficent’s daughter. It is her friend that she pushed away during her foster care days. Her name is Lily, and that is title of this week’s episode.

During the clip, Regina decides to ask Emma to go with her to New York City. She wants to warn Robin Hood about Zelena’s actions. Emma is not quick to accept the offer, but Regina makes it clear that she needs her help. She has not been to New York City, and Emma lived there.

The two will travel to New York City, but the spoilers for this episode tease that the pair of women will definitely face some challenges once they arrive in the city. Emma’s plan is to reunite Lily with her mother, but the first preview for the episode shows Emma and Lily involved in a physical battle.

That is not all the women will be involved in. TV Line shared a finale preview for the series, and it does mention Emma’s reunion with her former friend. Adam Horowitz revealed some about their reunion to the site.

“[That reunion] is not all deathly conflict. There are moments of warmth, and there are moments of bonding.”

Edward Kitsis also teased that fans will see “emotion” and a “real story of friendship.”

Emma is hoping that reuniting Lily with her mother will help redeem her parents, and it will show Gold and everyone else that she can stay away from the darkness inside her. Her killing Cruella on the last episode did cross a giant line. Her action will have an impact on the next two episodes, and it will affect the season ending episode as well.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Emma may sacrifice herself in the Once Upon A Time Season 4 finale. She will do so for Regina. TV Line teased that Regina will succeed in her season long journey. She will find the author, and happy endings will be written.

However, TV Line teased that the season finale for Once Upon A Time will not introduce a new villain or set up a journey to a new world for next season. This season’s finale will be more in the vein of the ending to Once Upon A Time Season 1. Things will change around the characters at the end of Season 4.

What do you think of what is coming up next on Once Upon A Time?

[Photo: ABC]