‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Set Video Teases Emma Swan’s Fate

Once Upon a Time is known for their epic cliffhanger season finale episodes, and the end of Season 4 might feature another epic close. Once Upon a Time Season 4 still has a few episodes left, but the cast was busy filming the Season 4 finale on Wednesday, and some spoilers have surfaced on the internet.

Fashion & Style picked up the spoilers shared by Spoilers Guide overnight, and it appears that Emma Swan will be at the center of the season finale, and she will have the Dark One’s dagger in her possession. Spoilers Guide shared spoilers and photos from the set.

“Multiple people have reported seeing Emma holding the dagger. Regina, Robin and Hook are also close by. She apparently sacrificed herself to save someone/or everyone. You can hear her say: ‘we didn’t work this hard to lose’ and ‘our happy endings.’ Emma and Hook kiss. At the end, she disappears. Snow’s crying.”

A fan tweeted their own description of what happened during the filming of this scene with Emma.

A blurry set video featuring Jennifer Morrison also has popped up on YouTube. The video is titled “Emma’s Sacrifice.”

At the end of the scene, fans say they saw Jennifer Morrison run out of camera view.

Spoiler TV shared more spoilers from the episode. Regina and Robin Hood are together in town, and Robin will risk his life to save Regina.

“Before the above happens, Robin tries protecting Regina from whatever is attacking her, but is thrown back. After Emma disappears, the dagger is left behind. Whatever is attacking Regina, Emma takes her spot. No body switching or anything.”

These spoilers are all from fan accounts, but it is clear that Emma is very central to the Season 4 finale. Her character’s journey has been a focus of Once Upon a Time since the beginning. Sacrificing herself for Regina or the town would solidify her as a hero and the savior.

It is not known what or who is attacking Regina. One would assume it is Mr. Gold with the dagger’s involvement, but there is no mention of him in the spoilers. Robin Hood will return to the series on this week’s episode, but he might only appear in flashbacks to Oz.

However, it is clear that Robin Hood will return to Regina and Storybrooke. Will Emma sacrifice herself in order for Regina to find her happy ending? That would be a huge change. Emma and Regina did not start off as friends, but they have grown closer in recent episodes.

What do you think? Will Emma vanish at the end of Once Upon a Time Season 4?

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