‘American Horror Story’ Actor In Crash: Dalton Gray Survives Bad Car Wreck, Hospitalized With Serious Injuries

An American Horror Story actor was in a crash last weekend after a drunk driver allegedly slammed into the car he was riding in. Dalton Gray, who played Master Mike on American Horror Story: Freak Show, was nearly blinded after the wreck.

Dalton’s rep spoke with TMZ about the crash and said Gray was a passenger in a car belonging to his friend. The friends were out late Saturday night in Katy, Texas, when another car t-boned them. Gray injured his hip/pelvis and his femur. He also suffered terrible cuts to his face, and some serious eye trauma.

Obviously, the Horror Story actor’s crash resulted in serious injuries. Doctors reconstructed the right portion of his face and removed glass that had lodged in his eye. He’s lucky to be alive, but his vision is on rocky ground. Right now, his eyesight is severely damaged, but there’s a chance his eyesight will fully recover.

As for the drunk driver, police arrested him and he’s reportedly in jail.

A message was posted on the star’s official Facebook page. Gray was in good enough spirits to joke around when he referenced his agent, who was in the selfie with him.

“My agent Dawn Landrum I love her! I haven’t seen my face but she assured me I still look good,” he wrote as the caption with the below photograph.

Dalton Gray in the hospital with his agent by his side.

A message regarding the actor’s condition after the crash indicates he has quite a bit of physical therapy ahead of him.

“Dalton was hit by a drunk driver Saturday night. We are so grateful for everyone’s love, support and prayers. He was pretty banged up and has some physical therapy ahead but Dalton will come back stronger. Much love to everyone!”

As TMZ notes, this is the second Horror Story actor to be hit by another car within the past few months. In February, Ben Woolf died from injuries sustained from another driver hitting him. He was walking across the street when a vehicle struck him. The Inquisitr wrote about the story, which shocked fans of American Horror Story.

In photos posted on TMZ’s website, Dalton Gray is up and moving around with some assistance. The American Horror Story actor is already on the road to recovery after the bad crash. He’s receiving a lot of support from family, friends, and fans.

[Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic]