NC Pregnant Woman Shot: Her Last Words Save Her Unborn Child And Accuse Her Killer

A 25-year-old young pregnant woman described as “a real sweetheart” with a good soul died from a gunshot wound by the hands of her boyfriend. As Kimberly Dianne Richardson struggled to breathe, she used her last remaining moments to save her unborn child.

WNCN reports Richardson made an “eerie” call to 911 pleading for help from the dispatcher.

“Help! I’ve been shot!”

When the dispatcher asked for her address, Richardson quietly replied, “I’m not…”

There were a bone-chilling 43 seconds before Richardson could form the words to give the dispatcher her location.

“Party City, behind Triangle Town Center mall… I can’t talk… I can’t talk… he shot me.”

Again, another long pause — 31 seconds — until the silence was broken by the sounds of sirens approaching the sad scene, as reported by Fox 8.

Raleigh Police report that Richardson was immediately taken to WakeMed, where an emergency Cesarean section saved her baby daughter’s life, which is a miracle as Richardson was only six months pregnant. Sadly, Richardson did not survive the gunshot wound.

Kimberly Richardson 2

It didn’t take long for the Raleigh Police to show up on the doorstep of Daniel Joseph Steele’s home on Snowcrest Drive and charge him with Richardson’s murder.

Steele’s neighbor, Carol Lee, describes seeing Steele arrested to WNCN as she saw police arrive at his residence.

“It’s terrible. I saw about three cop cars outside the house, and I saw a couple of cops standing in front of it.”

Steele was then taken into custody.

The 25-year-old boyfriend of Richardson appeared before Judge Vincent Rozier in a Wake County Courtroom, where he faced a first-degree murder charge. Judge Rozier informed Steele that he could face the death penalty, as reported by WNCN.


Steele had previously worked for York Security at Triangle Town Center Mall — the same mall where Richardson currently worked at Zales, and behind which she ultimately met her fate.

Richardson’s friend, Katy Wester, was completely in shock by this tragedy, never believing anything like this could happen to her friend, as reported by WSOC-TV.

“He (Steele) appeared to be a very nice guy. I never would have thought he would have turned into a murderer.”

Maria Babar, who was a friend of both Richardson and Steele, described Richardson as a person with a “good soul and good intentions,” per WNCN.

“She would never do anything bad to anybody. I would never expect for him to do something like that to her because they were having a kid and it’s just mind-blowing and it’s definitely out of the blue.”

Cara Troms also felt the same about Richardson, revealing that she was “so uplifting and a real advocate for Christ throughout everything she did. She was so excited to be a mom. And could not wait to meet her daughter.”

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The family has requested privacy regarding any further information regarding Richardson’s baby girl. Meanwhile, family and friends have created a website to help raise money to support the Richardson family during this horrific, unexpected tragedy.

Steele remains behind bars without bond.

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