Ed Sheeran Shocks Fans After Video Is Pulled Of Homophobic Rap

While he has written some of the most heartfelt songs, Ed Sheeran has also caused a stir after he was caught in a less than flattering light. A video of Sheeran using homophobic slurs has been pulled from the internet after upsetting many people.

According to the Daily Record, the clip is of Sheeran taking part in a freestyle rap battle with Devlin, the popular English rapper. The battle seems to be going well as the two “trade insults in off-the-cuff rap verses.” But then things took a very ugly turn.

Sheeran, 23, is seen in the video using the word “gay” in a very negative way. Sheeran was also heard saying “fa**oty” during the five-minute clip. It was these terms and how he used them that caused many to refer to Sheeran’s comments as “homophobic slurs.”

Admittedly, the video is from 2011, but it has been out there on the internet all this time. That is until word got out about the “homophobic slurs,” and Sheeran’s record label took it down.

According to the Independent, Sheeran’s spokesperson has said, “Ed was sending up rappers who make homophobic remarks. He is clearly not homophobic.”

All of this is very surprising to Sheeran’s fans.

Ed should have known better. Sheeran has been a very vocal supporter of gay rights in recent years.

When Taylor Swift’s concert in Kansas City was picketed in 2013 by members of the Westboro Baptist Church, Sheeran took to Twitter to speak out against the church “known for their homophobic views.”

Sheeran tweeted, “To the people picketing outside the arena. Keep your homophobic views to yourself, it’s 2013.”

Sheeran also “has also taken the time from his massively busy schedule to voice his support for individuals like Joe Irvine, the X Factor contestant who was subjected to ‘bullying’ on the New Zealand Show.”

While he may have spoken out against those with homophobic views, people are speaking out against Sheeran’s “homophobic slurs.”

A spokesman for Stonewall, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights charity, said, “Homophobic language is a real issue in Britain and is endemic in our schools… It’s important to think about the words you choose to use, as what some people see as ‘banter’ can have a negative and lasting effect”

At this time, Ed Sheeran has not commented on the situation but did share his plans for touring New Zealand and Australia this fall.

[Photo Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi]