‘Life & Style’ Fail: Justin Bieber NOT ‘Wooing’ Selena Gomez For Image

Justin Bieber is not “wooing” Selena Gomez to help fix his image, despite a clueless new story from Life & Style. This was the same tabloid that pretended Bieber previously made both Gomez and Miley Cyrus pregnant in their false cover story last week.

That false pregnancy/miscarriage story made Life & Style an online laughing stock, when Cyrus herself posted a snap of the cover to her Instagram account with a mocking caption. Now, the magazine is once again chasing cheap clicks with a story claiming Justin Bieber has his sights set on ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to help “clean up” his public image.

Watchdog site Gossip Cop has already debunked the story. The outlet reported a source close to Bieber slammed Life & Style’s story as nonsense. In fact, the insider dismissed it as “bulls—.”

Citing a dubious “source,” Life & Style claims an insider said, “Four months ago, Justin sat down with his handlers and agreed to a campaign to fix his reputation.” The site adds that the Canadian singer had been on the right track, but “things unraveled” when he attended the Coachella Festival earlier this month.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bieber supposedly “threw a fit” when his buddy, model Kendall Jenner, was denied entry to the Neon Carnival. The next day, the singer was put in a chokehold and told to leave the festival by security after an argument over non-entry to a VIP area during Drake’s show.

Life & Style alleges that Bieber called Gomez after his “wild weekend” at Coachella. The tabloid’s so-called source claims, “He’s going to use her again to try to repair the image he just faked for months.”

Where do we begin? In addition to Gossip Cop’s insider confirmation that the new Bieber-Gomez story is false, no one should need reminding that Life & Style has a track record of fabrication. Even by the rules of the tabloid’s logic, their latest story does not make sense. There is no evidence to suggest a reunion between Bieber and Gomez would be seen as beneficial to Bieber’s reputation or Gomez’s.

In short: Justin Bieber isn’t “wooing” Selena Gomez to “improve” his image. Furthermore, if a 21-year-old’s “wild weekend” at Coachella even remotely seems like a reason to reignite a widely ridiculed romance — up your dosage.

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