Duggar Women: ‘People’ Glam Squad Transforms Six Duggar Women For ‘Beautiful’ Issue

Six of the Duggar women are in People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women” issue, and their transformations are making headlines this week. According to USA Today, a glam squad showed up at the Duggar’s home and gave the ladies makeovers for a photo shoot. Jinger, Joy-Anna, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and their mom, Michelle, were all pampered by make-up artists, and hair stylists. They also got to choose their outfits (the rack was provided), and then they posed together for some fun pictures as a family.

“We’re having fun together. We’re getting to get pampered and getting the princess treatment together. For me, it’s always getting to be with my children. Between my husband and my children, those are my most favorite people in the whole world that I want to spend time with,” said Michelle of the experience.

The Duggar women told People Magazine that they wouldn’t cut their hair for the photo shoot and that they wanted to wear clothes that kept them covered up — nothing too over-the-top sexy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Duggars might be famous, but they don’t live like kings and queens. A day of pampering really is a treat for them.

“The Duggars are super famous, but they don’t live their lives like typical celebrities. They don’t have make-up artists in their house on a daily basis, and they don’t walk red carpets, or globe trot in the finest French fashion. They are fairly casual overall, and are just living their lives as normally as they can — with television cameras all over the place.”

According to the Hollywood Gossip, the transformations weren’t out of this world — the women didn’t look super different, but that was the point. People wanted the Duggars to look natural, and they used tools to enhance their beauty, not to overpower them.

“It’s fun. I mean, girls like to dress up. It’s fun,” said Jessa Seewald.

“It’s definitely kind of uncommon, being all glammed up like this,” said Jinger.

“I don’t really do this very often, so it’s a lot of fun,” said Joy-Anna.

All in all, the ladies had a great time together. It was a bit different for them, but they seemed to embrace the pampering. It is an honor for them to be included in the issue, with big names like Ariana Grande and Miranda Lambert.

Are you a fan of the Duggar women? Did you like their People Magazine makeover video?

[Photo via YouTube]