Kim Richards Fired From ‘RHOBH’ Unless Reality TV Star Agrees To Drug Testing And Treatment

Kim Richards has been given an ultimatum by the producers of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: either agree to drug testing and treatment for her addiction or be fired. Bravo is allegedly on the verge of giving her the ax.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim sat down recently with Dr. Phil to discuss in-depth her addiction to alcohol. In exchange for the interview, the TV psychologist offered to send Richards to rehab on his dime, but the RHOBH star did not take him up on his offer. However, if the reality star wants to keep her six-figure contract with Bravo, she may have no choice. A source tells Radar Online that submitting to drug testing and seeking treatment for her addiction is the only way producers are willing to take Kim Richards back for another season of the show.

“Her sobriety clause is going to include drug testing – both set and random. They are also demanding that she go to treatment, either in-patient or out-patient. But if she wants to remain on the show she will need to go and get some help. Obviously, Bravo bosses are not taking kindly to her right now. In fact, they are almost at a point where they are just ready to let her go.”

Keeping her job may not be Kim Richards’ only incentive for seeking treatment. The star’s family, including her children, are urging the reality star to go back to rehab to get help in battling her struggles with alcohol, according to the Daily Mail. During the fifth season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim said she was justified in attacking Lisa Rinna’s husband because her co-star’s relentless questioning of whether Richards had suffered a relapse was affecting her own family. Kim said at that time if her kids even thought she was using again, they would never speak to her again.

Although in her interview with Dr. Phil Kim Richards allegedly takes responsibility for her public intoxication arrest last Thursday, behind closed doors, it is a different story. The insider tells Radar Online that Kim is taking a different stance with her Bravo bosses.

“Instead of Kim taking responsibility for her actions to her bosses and simply saying ‘sorry,’ she has been incredibly adamant that this is ‘not that big of a deal.”

Dr. Phil’s interview with Kim Richards is set to air April 28.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]