‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kristen Tries To Hide Brady’s Baby, Serena Grabs The Diamonds

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week reveal that Kristen DiMera and Brady Black’s baby drama is far from over. In fact, Brady has traveled across the world to see if Kristen has been up to no good, and, of course, she has.

We Love Soaps reports that Kristen will be desperate to hide the fact that she is currently caring for Brady’s baby, whom she stole from ex-girlfriend Theresa Donovan’s womb months ago. However, that will be difficult with Brady right under her feet and Melanie soon to follow. It looks like Kristen will have a hard time lying her way out of this situation.

Meanwhile, the child, whom Kristen has named Christopher, has an autoimmune disease and needs the bone marrow of his biological mother, Theresa, to cure him of the disease. This means that Kristen’s henchmen, Clint, who has been doubling as Theresa Donovan’s boyfriend, is luring Theresa into a trap and bringing her straight to Kristen.

Days of Our Lives viewers will also watch this week as Serena continues her plan to grab the diamonds she so desperately needs to give to Xander from Daniel’s apartment. Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that this is a storyline that fans have not been happy with, and unfortunately for actress Melissa Archer, who plays Serena on the NBC soap, she’s been fired and Serena will soon be gone from Salem for good.

As previously reported by the Inqusitr, the other big storyline this week will be the Paige, Jennifer, JJ, and Eve situation. Now that JJ and his girlfriend, Paige, have gotten extremely close, Eve, who carried on a scandalous affair with her daughter’s boyfriend, is acting crazier than normal.

Jennifer notices that Eve has been getting very upset by the thought of daughter Paige with JJ. She’s been acting jealous, and even took the jacket that JJ was wearing the first night they were ever together. Of course, Jennifer found the two together and totally freaked out, but ever since she’s been noticing Eve’s erratic behavior and is now questioning whether or not her former high school nemesis has real feelings for her son.

Of course, poor Paige is the real victim in this whole scenario and doesn’t even know it yet. However, Days of Our Lives fans know that no secret stays buried in Salem for too long, and the news of the affair is sure to come out in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

[Photo By:Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]