Bruce Jenner Dress Photos: See The Dress Pics That The ‘New York Daily News’ Took Down [Photos]

Photos that purport to show Bruce Jenner wearing a dress are already becoming as controversial as the white/gold, blue/black dress controversy that had the Inquisitr asking, “Were there two dresses all along?” That’s because the method used to obtain the photos of Jenner allegedly wearing what appears to be a green and white (some are calling it black and white) striped floor-length dress on Tuesday whilst he smoked a cigarette outside of his Malibu home were potentially obtained illegally. Bruce called the cops on the paparazzi who took the photos of Jenner reportedly wearing the dress.

Thanks to a little Google Images creative searching, plenty of the photos that allege to be Bruce in a dress can still be seen online from the New York Daily News website’s servers, even if their article about the exclusive photos of Jenner in a dress have been removed or altered to not include the dress photos anymore.

Yahoo’s Jenner dress image results, as well as those photos of Bruce on Bing, allow viewers to hover over them to zoom into the images a bit, showing a plethora of websites that have the photos uploaded.

The photos are being called illegal and are under investigation, says Yahoo! Celebrity. But the images of the latest dress buzz heard around the world are causing quite a stir online as Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer has put the spotlight on the Olympic champion’s transition from male to female.

According to Google Trends, more than 200,000 searches came into their search engine on Wednesday, April 22, from folks searching for the pics of Bruce in a dress using all sorts of variations of similar search terms. As of this writing, Google has yet to update their list with the amount of searches coming into their search engine on Thursday for the snaps of a more feminine-garbed Jenner.

TMZ reported that Bruce called the cops on those photographers who allegedly used long telephoto lenses in order to grab those photos of Jenner purportedly wearing a dress. Because such behavior invades the privacy of stars like Jenner, who was on his private property when the photos were taken, the website says that Bruce could sue. No wonder the New York Daily News took the pics down due to legal ramifications.

Since the photos that allege to be Jenner wearing a dress are still in Google Images, it could take some time for them to fall off of the search engine’s index. Because websites beyond the New York Daily News have already copied and uploaded the images of Bruce in a dress to their servers, which can be currently seen in Google Image results as well, the photos that claim to show Jenner wearing a long dress might live on across the web forever.

[Image via Twitter]