Johnny Depp Is Barely Recognizable As Criminal Whitey Bulger In ‘Black Mass’ Movie

There is something unique about Johnny Depp, and that is his ability to successfully portray even the most eccentric of characters.

In various films like Edward Scissor Hands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd, the actor had given everyone a magnificent display of his versatile acting skills. This is why it is no surprise that Depp is once again lauded for pulling off his role in Black Mass as the notorious Whitey Bulger.

During the Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon last Tuesday, exhibitors got their first look at Depp’s new masterpiece. With slicked-back hair and fierce blue eyes resembling Bulger’s, the actor was barely recognizable. The resemblance was so similar that according to the film’s director Scott Cooper, people got chills. He said, “Some of them couldn’t even look at him.”

However, Depp did not only look the part. He was “deep in character” as he portrayed the infamous fugitive who was sentenced to life in prison for committing a series of violent crimes including murder and extortion.

whitey bulger mugshot

In one of the movie’s scenes, Depp gave a striking performance as he dramatized one of Bulger’s heinous murders. In that particular scene, Bulger killed a man in a parking lot filled with civilian witnesses. He also did it during broad daylight. According to Cooper, during the killing, the gangster was “brazen” and so was Depp in his portrayal. “He has the ability to turn it on without being a method actor. You can’t train for that,” Cooper said.

Black Mass is set for release on September 18. The movie relates the real life story of Whitey Bulger, who was considered the most feared gangster in South Boston. Despite having a state senator for a brother, Bulger didn’t think twice about breaking the law. However, in later years, he served as an FBI informant who helped the authorities in taking down the Italian Mafia.

Other talented actors were also on board in the said film. Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Bulger’s brother. Joel Edgerton is also part of the movie’s cast as John Connolly, the innocent FBI agent who was imprisoned for 40 years. Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons portrayed Bulger’s partner in crime Kevin Weeks and actress Sienna Miller played his lover. Dakota Johnson also played Bulger’s ex who happens to be the mother of his only child.

The real-life Bulger is now 85 years old. After being on the run from authorities for nearly two decades, he was arrested in Santa Monica back in 2011.

whitey bulger 2

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