Emoji Study Finds Canadians Enjoy Sending Smiling Poop More Than Anyone

In what is likely a surprise to most, a recent emoji study found that Canadians enjoy sending the smiling poop emoji more than any other country in the world. SwiftKey, makers of the popular SwiftKey keyboard on both iOS and Android devices, examined more than 1 billion pieces of data to determine these findings.

Smiling poop wasn’t the only emoji Canada outperformed the United States in. Despite the fact that the United States has more guns per capita than anywhere in the world, Canada enjoys firing off the gun emoji more. In case you’re wondering, Canada barely manages to crack the top 10 in firearms per resident. The study has failed to find any correlation between guns and poop at this time.

The emoji study gives an interesting representation of countries that speak more than 16 different languages. I’ll just get this out of the way for fans of the United States. The “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave” was a pretty scattered lot. It comes as no surprise that with recent legislation that is designed to increase the rights of LGBT couples, the United States figured number one in that category. Number one was also reached in skulls, birthday cake, and meat. The US also lead in royalty emoji which is odd since the only king around here is Lebron “King” James.

French might be the language of love, but Russians are more romantic if you look at the emoji data. French speakers managed to send more hearts, but it seems a bit futile because they ranked real low in smiley faces. Russia also led in cold weather emoji. I guess cold weather leads to staying inside. Staying inside can lead to romance. I’ll let you figure the rest of it out.

Happy Face and Heart Emoji

Other notable results reveal that the Australians enjoy drinking emoji more than anyone. Brazilians tend to be more religious. Flowers are actually sent four times as much by those who speak Arabic. The study gives an interesting insight into culture.

Despite all of the recent additions to that crazy little keyboard, the emoji study did find that the smiley face still reigns supreme. In fact, happy faces make up 44.8 percent of all emojis sent. The second most used is sad faces. It represents about 14.8 percent. Hearts, hand gestures, and romance round out the top five.

What are your favorite emoji to use? Do you fit in line with the emoji study, or are you more against the grain? Feel free to leave comments below.

[Photo by SwiftKey]