Jhonni Blaze’s Nude Photo: ‘Love And Hip Hop: New York’ Star Shares Pictures Of New Breast Implants

Jhonni Blaze has shared nude pictures of her new breast implants, with the Love and Hip Hop: New York star saying she wants to be fully open with her fans.

Blaze said she is happy with her choice to share the nude photo, noting that she did it for the right reasons.

“You have to be honest with yourself. NEVER do something to make another happy. I appreciate the fact @vladtv did an interview with me because a lot of women do things for the wrong reasons. Remember love yourself. Do things for you.”

Blaze also opened up to VladTV about her decision to get liposuction, saying she wanted to speed up her efforts to get fit.

“The two main reasons I’m going for surgery again is because I have gained weight and I’m going to the gym now and I just want to go back for myself to slim back down because I have gained weight due to depression when my dude passed away. I gained the weight over the time and not caring about myself as much as my image.”

This is not the first time that viewers have gotten a very revealing look at Jhonni Blaze. She was the star of an adult film, one that became a hot topic in this year’s Love and Hip-Hop: New York.

Blaze opened up to VladTV about her adult film, saying it was never supposed to see the light of day.

“I’m very sarcastic, joking-wise I guess you could say, but I mean the tape was never supposed to be leaked. Was something that I felt once it came out, I would never try to hide anything from people … so why not embarrass myself and put everything out.

Whether you think it sucked or whatever, whether it makes you not want to date me that’s great because now it’s less guys wanting to talk to me.”

Jhonni Blaze even addressed criticism from fans that the sex tape was boring and that she lacked enthusiasm.

“Any ex of mine would tell you that I’m perfectly fine in bed so, we’ll leave it like that.”

Jhonni Blaze went on to say that someone had threatened to release photos from the tape, so she decided to release it herself.

The nude photos are not the first time that Jhonni Blaze has caused controversy. Last year, she was accused of releasing nude photos of rapper Drake after a messy break-up.

[Image via Instagram]